The Sign Build factory and manufacture:


The studio is where the creations start at Sign Build. Struggling for artwork? Not to worry, we have a team of Art Workers who can help create any sort of visuals to fit your needs.

Printing area

This is the first stage of the process for many signs and in our printing area we have a range of quality machines.

Oce Arizona

Leading the way in flatbed printing, the Oce Arizona is one of our new machines, produced by renowned printing company Canon. It is the only one in the UK and can print the highest quality colour prints onto almost any medium.

Roland XF

For more traditional printing, these produce high quality, photographic colour prints on PVC, vinyl and mesh.


Our laminating machine stands proud on our factory floor and the process consists of a clear protective covering applied to printed vinyl. This acts as a ‘film’ which gives the printed vinyl a longer life span and helps protect against weather damage and fading.


This is where the magic happens and really helps to bring the signage to life, but of course, we can’t do that without the help of certain machines.


LED grids are designed and manufactured individually for each illuminated sign we produce. This in-house, bespoke service ensures all of our lit signage is of the highest quality.


Another of our newest machines that we’re very proud to be able to offer to our customers. The Zund is a flatbed cutter that can easily cut a range of materials including acrylic, Foamex, aluminium composite and wood into a range of shapes. It also features an optical camera ensuring that operator errors are eliminated and a finer, higher-quality finish is provided.


Our market leading machine in self-piercing riveting which has been quietly working away on our factory floor for some time now. Henrob allows the invisible joining of aluminium and mixed materials, delivering a flawless and high-quality finish and has a massive impact on the visual presentation of a sign and has a strong fan club at Sign Build!

Rolls Roller

Doubled up with a manual method, the Rolls Roller is a flatbed applicator that offers a simple and accurate way to apply vinyl to a range of different panels.

Fitters/storage area

Having a separated ‘Fitters area’ allows us to store all sorts of products and materials, from concrete mix to flagpoles and scaffolding away, ensuring there are no air born particles affecting the delicate prints and laminates.

Training room

Our investment in equipment means we invest in our staff. We have the ability to offer continual self-development via web based courses within the factory (used in conjunction with external training and safety courses).